Newbie Guide to Posting Your Fanfiction on LJ

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I just joined, and I had no idea how to navigate everything or what the etiquette was for posting. You're a lifesaver! Thanks a ton for taking the time to do this.

Re: you are awesome

No problem, glad I could help :)

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sorry, still confused

LJ is so frustrating to me. Okay, so ... if I copy/paste my text into the RTF window, then click the LJCut icon, it posts my text to my own private journal? I have a 24,000 word story. It's saying my post is too large. How much can I put in one post? Am I confined to just one chapter per day to completely post it? Also, what do I fill out on the bottom. Tags? do i make those up? the comments etc? Do I just leave those to LJ Default?

Thank you so much for opening this comm. Very helpful!

Dear Looaann1,
As a total newbie to both the LJ site & concept of FanFiction,
I thank you for your clarity & charity to us Newguys!

Where would I go to read Your FF?


No problem. Thought I'd pay it forward a little since I found it so confusing when I first came here.

My FF can all be found on my livejournal page. If you click on my username lolaann1, it will take you there. It's very Supernatural-centric, but if you're into that show hopefully you'll find something you like :)

OMG THANK YOU! Sorry for the hysterics, but I joined LJ and was already nervous enough about posting a fanfic I'd been working on, and then there was the fear of doing it incorrectly... which happened anyway. The FAQ that LJ provides was less than helpful, and I really needed this advice.

Np. Glad I could help. It is very confusing here at first.

Hi, im sorry, but what do you mean by giving them the link to the text not the lj cut? so can i don't use lj cut?

Yes, you always want to use an lj-cut for entries on your journal (unless they are very, very short). But if you're linking back to an entry on your journal from a community, you don't want the user to have to click twice to view your story. Once they click on the link to read your story in a community, they should be taken to your journal and see the entire story instead of having to click another link.

IMHO it's not such a huge deal to make two clicks, but I've seen complaints about it before. So, when you create the link in a community you want to use the url/address that points to the text that is hidden beneath the lj cut.

To get that url, go to your journal page and click the lj-cut link to view the entire text of your story. That is the address you need to copy and link to.

Hope that makes sense.

How do I get it to look like this?

I've looked everywhere but I can't find anything or figure it out :/

Not real sure what you're asking specifically. It looks to me like the author formatted their story in something like Word and then copied and pasted their text into the Rich Text window. If you do that it should preserve all your formatting. Hope that helps.

Oh hahaha thank you! I'll try that :)

This will help me so much in the future. thank you! lol

You're amazing! Thank you so much for the help! :D

I just joined and following your guidelines have tried to post a fanfiction that I wrote. But it still continues to say "Error updating journal: Client error: Post too large." I tried it under the HTML tab and the Rich Text tab but neither have worked. PLEASE HELP!!!

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There is a limit on the number of characters. I don't know the exact limit, but it's not really helpful to know because it only applies to plain text. Any sort of formatting (bold, italics, special fonts) takes extra characters. You will have to split your post into at least two posts. I've found that around 10,000 words is about the most I can get in one and that's without any art. Hope that helps.

Hi I was wondering, when you post a link to your multi-chapter story in a community, is it okay to post a new link there for every chapter or should you just do it once and then link the chapters together as you post them to your own lj? I feel a little attention seeking posting a new link every day... xD thank you.

Re: multi chapter story

If it is an ongoing story and these are new, previously unposted chapters then yes, definitely, post a link. That's probably the only way those reading will know there's a new chapter out. Hope that helps. :)

Okay thank you :) your instructions were life saving by the way, this site is so complicated!

This is really cute. :)

You may want to mention that both firefox and chrome have LJ add on's. You can then right click most of the codes. Firefox had more options, but chrome is handy as well. I have used both and am now on chrome for life ;)

I did not know about that! I'll have to check those out. Do you just google to find them or are they somewhere on lj?

In chrome the one I use is here.

Firefox I have been off of for a bit now, but it was under tools in the tool bar. Maybe options I know they call it addons. Hope that helps a little.

I use google everything, play, docs, and email for fandom so for me it is a better choice.

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Seriously, I've been avoiding LJ like the plague for years because I've never been able to find a useful enough guide for how to get my fic going here--but now I know. Thank you!

Re: you are

Glad I could help :D

Oh this was super helpful! But i have a question. When you view posts or fics sometimes the background is from someone's journal and sometimes it looks like a separate page, like the background is white. Idk if you know what I'm talking about but how do you do that?

I think I love you a little

I just got here and am so lost I have lost the ability to find my toes.

This is extremely helpful, thank you so much. You organized it very well and made it really clear.

Any ideas how I get how get people read my fanfiction once I post it? Is there an efficient way to navigate LJ to find certain types of fanfiction to read?

Re: I think I love you a little

I'm so glad this helped and I'm sorry for such a late reply. There's been a lot going on and I haven't had much time for play :(

As far as an "efficient" way to find fanfic on lj to read - there really isn't a great one. It's fairly cumbersome at first tbqh. Your best bet is communities based around your preferred fandom(s). Check out the list of fandoms/communities at Everything here revolves around communities, so join a few that suit your interests.

Also look for 'newsletters' in the list of communities. They produce daily/weekly posts that usually list all the fanfic by genre. Not all fandoms have these, but most of the larger ones do. You can also do a search for tags that are commonly used. For example, a pairing, i.e. 'Bob/Alice' or a genre, i.e. 'slash'.

I hope that helps.


TYK! This is made of win! You are so helpful!

Hi! this totally saved my life! Thank you so much i can't tell you how helpful this is!

i was wondering how can i make my fic that when i click to the title instead of lj cut it will open in a different window, looking different. for example: from this to this

thank you so much anyways. this post is life saving!

This helped so much! Thank you for all your tips and tricks! :D


Thank you for the in-depth how-to for posting fan fiction. I have a WIP on Ashwinder that I would like to finish. The problem is I lost my second beta reader and have had no success in finding a replacement. My problem is more with misplaced commas than it is with grammar.

I am hoping that LiveJournal will allow me to complete that WIP, as I feel an obligation to readers who were left wondering what happened.

Is this a reasonable expectation for the LiveJournal site?


thanks so much, couldn't have managed without you!

Strews petals and garlands before you.

I am a total newbie to live journal and just join. I used to use quizilla then bounce to fanfiction then to here. Thanks for this page of explanation. I really needed it. So does that mean you can't do a multichapter at all?

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