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Shaira Abrigo wrote in fanfic_howto
Originally posted by Shaira Abrigo at WONDERGIRL FAN UNTIL THE LAST SONG

>scroll.. scroll.. and

"SNSD vs. 2ne1"

As i was strolling my newsfeed on my facebook account. And something cross my mind. What if Wondergirls is still there? I meant as whole, the original one or maybe the present one. It could be SNSD vs WG or 2ne1 vs. WG. My mind could imagine far as that. Maybe they would have concert and fan signing event.

I still wonder... it just big maybe

I continue what I do just to scroll down and down. And something catches my attention. The sones vs. blackjacks over my news feed. It's like a world war 3 was declared. Comparing groups from one another and just looking back how KPOP was and now. Every year immature fans are getting higher. But how about Wondergirls fan are getting lower? It's break my heart whenever I see nothing talk about wondergirls anymore. Maybe i was attached to them so much. All I can do is imagine that there are still sing and dance.

How lucky sones and blackjacks is the group they idolize is still there as whole. But what about us wonderful? Did Wondergirls love us? They ever cross their minds how important they're to my life. How Wondergirls change my life and became wonderful. Why sones and blackjacks still fighting and comparing. To know who is the best group and who is more popular? What about staying in your own fandom and watch them as whole as one. How luck you are...

Another day goes by.

Voting again and fans are eager to make sure win to their idol. I ask myself could Wondergirls be like too. If they are still complete? I will vote like sones and blackjacks do? To wait of results of voting? How lucky you are..

Girls generation won some blackjacks will be mad.2ne1 wins over SNSD some Sones will be mad. Why fandom are being immature like this. They don't get it. Every winner needs to be loser someday. You’re lucky and you don't know how it's is.. to wait for their comeback for my girls group WG.GG and 2ne1 didn't leave you and still loving as long as they can. But how about Wondergirls they even love us? They choose the carrier they want and left us in the midair. This how i felt everyday.. That I couldn't see their performance again. The wave of the light sticks and screams. How lucky you are..

I’m desperate.. I want to talk to someone and that someone is WG fan. I look to facebook group and nobody was there anymore. Like dessert and the only left was a skull and bones. And that represent the memories that i have with WG. Nobody was posting anything in the group and mark at 2011.This how long my co-fandom exist. I look more.. And as i click the fanclub group and marked at 2010.I heard a little crack on my heart and said to myself "I'm the only one left alone?" I feel something on my face. It was my teardrops running through my face.And put my right hand on my chest feel my heart. Still the love that Wondergirls give to me is still there. I want to let go so bad. But something holding me back.. they give me something the new life. Without them.. I’m not the person who I am now. It’s HARD TO SPAZZ ON MY GIRL GROUP BECAUSE.. THERE IS NOTHING TO SPAZZ TO. Dear sones and blackjacks you're very lucky fandom. Always keep on your mind.

Then i realize even Hyuna leave the group and have own group called 4minute.And i watch their MV, I just smiled and said to myself "If you're happy with them and I should too."Year goes by Hyuna grow more on her popularity with the music video of Now with hyunseung. The first time i watch it. I want to ask her, if she is happy with that character. As she performs on stage, maybe she would sing irony with WG. But I need to accept that she leave the group and became the new hyuna. I still love her as members of WG.I remember how hyuna and WG on MV. How perfect they are and how happy I am. Even Sohee leave the group because her contract is ended and pursue her acting. She was my first bias in WG and she just left.. And she took one piece of my heart. Why sohee? You don't love me anymore. As you leave the group, didn't the fans ever cross your mind? The WG will never be complete again. I know she happy and I should too. Sunmi you did a great job and still love you. And now you're having a solo album. You're really grown up, I watch the MV and performance, Sunmi all I can do is to support you even without WG members. I know your happy and i should too. Now sones and blackjacks stop fighting and realize how lucky you are.

In the next morning, my mom was listening to radio. And a familiar so was being play and shocked."The beat and yoobin start to sing.. "It will never change" As music play and see my mom hymning that song and remember how WG dominates the world. To know in the whole world the KPOP. The first ever group who enter the Phil and maybe to other countries. I said to myself “I’m proud of you.."And suddenly my mom asks me "This is popular back then, right?" I just nodded and smiled and realize even the WG aren't complete the songs continues to play same as my love for them.

I was lying on my bed, grab my phone and earphone.Click the shuffle, and played girls girls by WG.I cried a little bit and feel the song. And sing the part "Girls girls I’m a wonder girl Can be the only one in the world" I closed my eyes to ease my pain and one teardrop coming from my eye...And feel I’m the last one standing in being fan of WG. Because no one ever mention them or even post picture of them. It hurts so much that I think I’m the last one. Where are WG fans did you left also? We're wonderful right but what happened to us? Why you leave me too?

And I – you you you you you</span></span>

still my playlist continue to play..

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